Digital Art

If you are ever passionate about something, try not to do it for the sake of being great at it but for the fascinating journey of getting there.

Client Work

My biggest advantage is that I didn't stick to a single art style, instead I try to learn them all.


Every single painting once was as a sketch. So even if you are not satisfied with the first version, it could become your favorite painting if you start to correct your mistakes.. or change absolutely everything.


While painting, you don’t always realise how strong your painting evolves. Viewing your own process fast forward is a very fascinating experience.

About me

Hi, I’m Tibo Exenberger, and I’m very happy you came across my website. Here I share all of my newest Illustrations and it is very important to me to keep it up to date.

A quick overview of my life:
Born on the 24th of August 1996 in Vienna, I had a very carefree childhood. Like almost any other kid, I liked to draw, but I wouldn’t say that I was especially gifted in any way. I just enoyed doing it a lot and thats why I eventually became known in my class to be „the kid that always draws“. Of course I liked the attention at first but then it also became quite addictive to enhance my skills - which it is to this day.

After the first 4 years of Middle school, I had the choice to stay, or try to switch to another school. I picked out three different schools that somehow had a focus on art, all had qualifying examinations which is why I was very proud to get accepted in all three. I chose "die Graphische“, a graphic design school, where I got my first Laptop and very basic tablet, which is fundamentally responsible for my passion about digital art. It was the perfect school for me, except that the main focus was on advertisment and that therefore drawing wasn’t part of the lesson plan at all. So I had to teach digital art to myself.

When I graduated, it was a good feeling to know for sure, that I wanted to make a living off Illustration. Unfortunantly, there is no university for digital art in vienna, nor was it likely that anyone would employ me as a fulltime illustrator without any market expierience. So I decided to go for freelance artist and am currently very happy to be part of the CarlineSeidler -agency.

I’m still very grateful that I had the equipment and time to spend hours every week, learning as much as possible about Photoshop. All the knowlegde I collected, while drawing really bad Stuff, helps me enormous today. There is no point where you can stop and say, I know everything about digital art, only a process of getting better and better. One thing is very clear to me: How good you are is not a question of talent, it only depends on how much time you are willing to put into it.. so better get started now.


Did my art win you over? If so, I will happily recieve any request regarding my artwork
for either personal or commercial use.

Tibo Exenberger

Veronikagasse 41/11
1170 Wien
+43 676 570 42 46